Poulina BTP

Poulina BTP is a company of buildings and public works. This society is a subsidiary of Poulina Group Holding .

Since its execution and supervion of all the construction projects of Poulina Group Holding , Poulina BTP has gained significant experience in the different civil engineering processes.

The diversity of the projects of the Poulina Group Holding (hotels, factories, hangars, roads, administration and housing complexes...) is a continuous challenge to the managers of Poulina BTP, These managers are motivated and challenged to succeed using their available human and material resources.

Poulina BTP  has contributed also in many projects in Libya, Algeria and Martinique.

Manager's Note

Since its creation in 1967, the Poulina Group Holding had performed all kinds of civil works for all achievements and projects, ranging from technical studies to project construction and furnishing.

This has given the group an outstanding experience that is characterized by great complementarities between its different interfering parties and a high return on investment from available resources.

These experienced human resources have participated effectively in the expansion of the group and earned the complete trust of its contracting partners... more